Workshops to set your comms up for success in FY2022

Lock in your workshop before 30 June to receive your special EOFY 10% discount. Once booked, workshops can be undertaken any time before 31 December 2021.

Set your narrative for FY2022

Ensure your campaign message aligns with current brand objectives, audience needs and behaviours.

In this workshop you will:

  • Review key audiences, their challenges and known behaviours
  • Realign your messaging to resonate with key audiences and fit with your company or brand’s trajectory
  • Receive a post-workshop strategic narrative report with audience behavioural considerations

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Know your narrative and how to deliver it

Use our message training workshop to provide your spokesperson with the tools and techniques required to nail stakeholder discussions and ace every media interview.

This interactive workshop will:

  • Perfect how to answer media questions
  • Discuss practical tools and techniques to manage difficult or unexpected questions
  • Allow participants to put their messages and knowledge to the test via a series of mock scenarios and interviews
  • Receive a post workshop report outlining participants strengths and areas to work on for the future

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Be crisis ready

The severity and longevity of a crisis often comes down to an organisation’s preparedness and initial response.

IMPACT’s Crisis Management Workshop includes:
• Undertaking a risk inventory
• Mapping stakeholders to identify friends, allies and adversaries
• Establishing a process-flow crisis plan
• Identifying tools for evaluating a crisis and its progress
• Determining a proactive recovery plan

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