Why strategic content continues to be king

Engaging content is essential for any brand. It can generate awareness, persuade people to take action, and drive business. 

Whether it’s appearing on a company website, social media, earned or paid media channels or through influencers or content creators, it’s imperative to ensure strategic content is at the centre of any communications plan. 

1. Content can work really hard: Do more with less! 

When developing your content strategy, it’s important to consider all the channels your brand has available and how one piece of content can be adapted and tailored to suit a number of channels. 

Not only does it create efficiencies for your team, it also presents a cohesive narrative from your brand. For example, if your PR agency is developing a thought leader media strategy, think about where else this content can live. Could it be flipped into a blog for the website, social media posts, a theme for an influencer campaign or a short video for internal communications? The possibilities are endless. 

2. Create people-first content to help drive traffic 

While search engine optimisation (SEO) and brand key messages are important, avoid drafting content based around them – Google (and your audience) will see straight through it! What Google considers more important is delivering content that is reliable and will help your audience. 

Whether you are creating content to keep your current audience engaged, to attract or convert new customers in the awareness phase, it’s important to apply a people-first lens to ensure you are creating insightful and impactful content.

3. Turn customer insights into business efficiencies 

Does your customer service team have a set of questions that your customers are regularly asking? Why not kill two birds with one stone and turn that data into engaging content. 

Is there a news hook in the data? Could the questions be answered via a blog or video that can be hosted on your website? Not only does building content around these questions provide a brand awareness opportunity, it gives way to a positive user experience, allowing your team to focus on other objectives, while driving traffic to your website or social channels. 

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