Why now is the time to make sure podcasting is on your radar

Whether tuning into your favourite true crime series, a quick news bite, or the Joe Rogan experience, there’s no denying that a podcast episode can take the sting out of the daily commute.

The pandemic has changed the way people around the world consume media. It sent people ‘doomscrolling’ down a rabbit hole filled with coronavirus content, and created a ‘statistics fatigue’. This, in addition to lockdowns and social distancing, has left people craving human connections and a more personal media experience.

From positioning a spokesperson as a thought leader on a trending podcast, using podcast advertising to reach an engaged audience, or creating a branded podcast, the medium is all about human connection. Podcasts should be considered as part of your brand’s marketing strategy right now.

Why now is the time to consider podcasting

Podcasting is booming. It’s a convenient way for listeners to consume media and stay informed ‘on the go’ as it can be consumed anywhere, anytime. A recent report revealed that this convenience is the reason Aussie’s are tuning in.

According to Triton Digital’s Podcast Ranker, the total number of Australian downloads in April 2021 was 48.2 million. And, as Australians continue returning to the workplace, it’s likely this number will grow.

Podcasting is a personal experience

Podcasts are not a one size fits all approach. They are personal, and the strategy should be tailored for this.

Podcast interviews are generally less scripted, and more of a conversation. Audiences are connected to the hosts, and they want to hear the story behind the brand. Content needs to be authentic and genuine, and match the values of the audience.

Advertise to an engaged and trusting audience

Now is an excellent time to harness this medium. Spotify has just made podcast ads available in Australia as a result of the continued growth.

Podcast listeners are deeply engaged. They have built a relationship with the host over time, and trust with the brands they bring on board as sponsors.

By finding the right alignment with your brand, and tailoring your strategy to lean into human connection, the scale of results can be high.

How to stand out from the crowd when launching a branded podcast

Australia has seen a rise in brands successfully integrating podcasting into their brand messaging.

And the best bit is – you can get creative.

Multinational beauty retailer, Sephora released #LIPSTORIES, focusing on a line of lipsticks and the women that inspire them. Australia’s beloved leak-proof undies brand, Modibodi, launched The Red Tales, a podcast that candidly celebrates the messy and iconic parts of teenage years and bodies.

IMPACT has a dedicated podcast series, IMPACT Insights, which explores the emerging, evolving and eclectic world of marketing and communications.

However, not all podcasts need to be hosted on a public platform. IMPACT also creates a podcast for our client Chamberlain Group International, which shares key insights specifically for their dealer network.

If you don’t want to launch a podcast, become a thought leader

There are both earned and paid opportunities to have your voice heard on topics important to you. From breaking news and politics, health and wellness to business or tech, no matter what sector, or what your message is, there is a platform for you.

As more people return to their cars, bikes, trains, bus or airplanes, and look for human connection and a way to make their commute more productive, they are ready to hear to your story.

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