Why Brand Managers should undergo media training

Much has been written about the benefits of recruiting a spokesperson to represent a company or brand. And much has been said about choosing the right spokesperson or ambassador. However, time and time again I come across a brand or a company that relies solely on their ‘gun for hire’ to do all the talking; failing to put forward a person from the company to speak to media and the influencer community.

While Brand Managers are often discouraged from talking to the media and/or not trained to do so, the Marketing Manager or CEO are not necessarily available for comment at the drop of a hat. This is a shame, and also a missed opportunity; as those closest to brand, those who have nurtured and shaped it to what it has become today, are often well placed to provide the best background, strategy and insights.

Don’t get me wrong, ambassadors [hyperlink ‘The who’s who of digital: Ambassadors, advocates & influencers’] play an incredibly important role in communicating and connecting with a brand’s target market. However, as consumers seek more authenticity and transparency from brands; it is important that ambassadors are supported with a strong spokesperson from the organisation.

Media training [hyperlink ‘Why media training isn’t about avoiding the truth’] Brand Managers makes sense. Their acute knowledge of the organisation, brand, market and key interests/concerns of the target audiences means they are essentially ‘subject matter experts’. They can provide a human face to the business and help build your target audience’s trust in the brand.

Don’t underestimate the knowledge of your Brand Managers. Get them out from behind their desks and involved in your media outreach programs and don’t limit them there – there’s a whole world of social out there where their knowledge and their opinions will also be valued!

IMPACT has media training courses available to identify and equip your spokesperson with the skills to confidently represent your company. Please contact IMPACT Communications [hyperlink to ‘contact us’ page] for more information.

By Nicole Webb

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