What we’ve been talking about at IMPACT

The IMPACT team has had a lot to say over the past couple of weeks. Here’s a summary of some of what we’ve  been talking about.

International Women’s Day #BreakTheBias unleashed a number of campaigns, including VCCP’s commentary on Shutterstock and its outdated search filters. Search ‘nurse’ and you will be served up images of women. Search ‘doctor’ and you get men in white coats. You get the gist.

But our favourite campaign was @PayGapApp on Twitter, an AI bot that called out the hypocrisy of companies that had shared IWDay content and still had gender pay gaps. The bot retweeted each company’s post and shared the difference between pay for men and women in that company.

Also our hats off to Grace Tame, Brittany Higgins and so many other great women for the launch of the Safety. Respect. Equity. campaign.

Over to LinkedIn, where we have been buzzing about the platform’s new ‘career break’ feature. The new section under experience will allow individuals to represent any gaps in their career history for a range of reasons including health and wellbeing reasons, maternity/paternity, or travel. A global LinkedIn survey found career breaks are common, especially for women (64%).

In the war of misinformation and propaganda, TikTok has (finally) rolled out ‘state-run media’ labels and been shutting down livestreams in Russia. Interestingly, the measures that are being introduced on the platform are relying on the individuals to report content that falls under the classification of misinformation and propaganda – anyone mildly concerned at the efficiency of this method?

We were shocked by the Federal Court’s decision to overturn the Children’s climate change case and dismiss the government’s duty of care when assessing fossil fuel projects.

The floods have been at the top of our discussions, in particular the banning of media by Scott Morison in the devastated town of Lismore. Should he have just copped it on the chin?

And finally the passing of Shane Warne – probably the last sporting great who did not carefully curate his social media.

Looking forward to sharing what we are talking about at IMPACT in our next IMPACT Insights.

PS. It’s wheels!

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