We’re all individuals: Why personalised content is a must post-COVID

Brands and organisations in Australia are bolting out of the gates in 2021, with a sense of urgency to make up for lost (and preferably forgotten) time. There has been a notable shift to ‘COVID Normal’ living and business, as our lives and newsfeeds expand beyond the singular focus of the pandemic to a larger breadth of topics and content. 

While there is a strong desire to ‘get back to normal’, it is critical for organisations to remember that the lived experience of the last year has been significantly different (and continues to be different) from one individual to another. 

Content marketing is an area that brands should pay particular attention to, when considering how to recalibrate their communications activities to fit into a post-COVID world.  

Personalisation isn’t a new concept, but where it may have been seen as a ‘nice to have’ before, it is very much a ‘must have’ now.  

We can take some (light hearted) inspiration from the words of Brian in the Monty Python film, Life of Brian, “You’re all individuals!…You’re all different!” To which one man responds, “I’m not!” 

Striking the balance between personalised content and a one-size-fits-all approach requires a keen understanding of target audiences. Tailoring content to consider, appreciate and anticipate what is important and relevant to a brand’s audiences significantly improves its impact.  

IMPACT works strategically with clients to build Audience Intelligence profiles that capture the psychographic, demographic, behavioural and human aspects of a brand or organisation’s target audiences. These profiles provide a clear picture of the people an organisation is speaking to, and can be used across many areas of an organisation; from marketing to customer service, to sales and even finance.  

In content marketing, Audience Intelligence profiles are used as part of a strategic content framework. Key considerations, messages, themes and topics are considered for each profile; supporting a personalised approach to crafting and curating content. 

In 2021, organisations should seek to combine effective content marketing tactics with strategic, human-centred insights, to ensure content is more relevant and valuable to the individual; all the individuals; even the blessed cheesemakers. 

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