Under the influence: Five things to consider before partnering with an influencer

Ninety-two per cent of consumers rely on referrals and information from people within their networks above all else, and 81 per cent of the time these are found online. Where this trust exists, communication can flow effectively.

Thanks to the growth of social media, influencers have become part of our networks, appearing in newsfeeds among friends and family. They are like your cool older sister and her friends you look to for advice; they range from high-profile media personalities, to bloggers, to celebrities or journalists.

Simply, influencers are individuals seen as knowledgeable leaders in an area, who are looked to for advice and have an engaged, active following.

Before partnering with an influencer, it is important to ensure that you’re making the right decision with the best possible outcomes. Here are four things you should consider:

  1. Reputation matters: When you partner with an influencer, you are aligning your brand with their reputation. This is where it is important to look past follower figures and make sure their values align with your brand.

Check whether they’ve said anything negative about your brand before, any scandals or dubious behaviour.

  1. It’s in the audience:Who are you trying to reach? Consider the audience you are targeting, and if the influencer has access to them. Engaging someone whose core following is fifteen-year-old girls when you’re trying to reach mums won’t be effective.

Think of an influencer as a megaphone who will amplify your message to the people you want to reach.

  1. Listen out: The key to any good relationship is listening, and partnering with an influencer is no different. Benchmarking and research lets you listen before you speak, helping you to build relationships, instead of transactional interactions.

Engaging an influencer is something that should be mutually beneficial to both parties, so showing you know more about them than their reach is a great way to set your brand apart and stand out among other emails when you’re initially developing a rapport with the influencer. 

  1. Engagement status: Quality over quantity rings true. It’s easy to simply hop online and purchase followers with the click of a button, so engagement is the best measure of how well an influencer reaches their followers.

While ‘likes’ are useful for measuring how many of their followers engage, comments are great for understanding sentiment towards the influencer and how well your key messages will be absorbed.

  1. Location, location: You wouldn’t hold a children’s birthday party at a bar, so why engage influencer’s who use platforms your audience don’t? As content increasingly moves online and across varied channels it’s important to consider the platform your target influencers use.

Instagram tends to feature highly visual content, while Twitter is greater for news and information. Newer platforms, like Snapchat and Periscope, are increasingly video focused but also more ephemeral. Taking a quick look into platform demographic breakdown will give you valuable insights. 

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By Kelly Newton

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