Thinking of leveling up your visual content? think Mammoth

IMPACT has a long-standing relationship with Quentin Jones, having utilised his incredible skill behind the lens to capture stunning images and video for our clients for the last two decades.

Now, we’re thrilled to see Quentin team up with award-winning video producer, Tony Walters, to create think Mammoth, a media company specialising in third-party endorsements, testimonials and behind-the-scenes video and photography. 

In a recent catch-up, we took the opportunity to grill them about their journey thus far, what’s hot in the world of video and their tips on how to get a great snap.

Between you, you have nearly 50 years behind the camera. Can you share some of your CV highlights? 

Tony’s career spans the worlds of politics, newspapers, advertising, television, film and radio. Tony has been a video producer for the Prime Minister’s Office and produced film and photographic content for Fairfax Media (now Nine). 

He has received multiple awards and award nominations for Walkley and Kennedy awards, has written, directed and performed in Australian Film Institute Award (now the AACTAs) winner, Double the Fist.

Quentin has been a professional photographer for more than 25 years and created videos for more than a decade, working for the Sydney Morning Herald, before moving to Canberra to document the 2022 Federal election campaign. 

With photographic subjects ranging from George W. Bush to Rowan Atkinson, Quentin has been a finalist in the National Portrait Prize, and nominated for the Walkley Award, several times.

What makes photography and video so impactful?

With today’s busy lifestyle, people don’t always have time  – or the inclination – to read slabs of text. But you can tell an emotive story in 15 or 30 seconds, or even in just one photograph. 

Which photography and videography services are most popular with brands right now?

Third party endorsements are huge right now. If you are able to get everyday users of your service or product to spruik how good it is, that’s powerful content! 

I’m not talking infomercials – I’m talking about interviewing people that are genuinely interested in the product or company. Much better than paying someone to say it!

We’ve also noticed that ‘behind the scenes’ pics and video are popular, as it allows a company to share their culture with the audience in an easy and authentic way.

How do you ensure your filmed/snapped content cuts through with viewers? 

For video content – particularly for social media – you only have eight seconds to hook your audience (12 seconds if it’s vertical). If you can’t get their attention within that time period, more than 90 per cent of people will have scrolled on. 

In the days before social media, you could ease the viewer in with some beautiful imagery. Whether you’re hooking the viewer with an intriguing shot or saying something funny or profound, it needs to happen in the first couple of seconds.  We make sure that film is shot and edited to make maximum impact, immediately.

When it comes to photography for your own channels and for media, variety is important. From head shots to product imagery, mixing up the viewpoint creates interest. Depending on the brief, we’ll do anything from changing the angle from which we shoot, to placing the camera inside another object and filming out of it. 

Why do you get out of bed in the morning?

After many years of working together, we were finally in a position to create think Mammoth – and it is the beginning of an exciting new chapter for us. 

It’s great to join forces, bringing all of the contacts we’ve made and our similar – but unique – skill sets into our own business. It’s a lot of work, but well worth it.

To find out how think Mammoth can help you tell your brand story, or to learn about our show reel package, email Nicole.

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