That’s the belief of domestic and family violence organisation Respect Victoria, who have launched the latest instalment in their “Respect Women: Call it Out” campaign.

The campaign encourages people to call out their peers, colleagues or strangers if they witness sexual harassment.

The latest TV ad is designed to bring all Victorians into the conversation around sexual harassment on public transport by demonstrating how inappropriate behaviour can be addressed, without words and without physical intervention.

The ad series has been hailed as a success as it showcases sexism and harassment in everyday settings – challenging the stereotype that these issues only occur behind closed doors or that it’s none of our business.

According to creators, The Shannon Company, ‘Call it Out’ is a behaviour-change campaign demonstrating how a relatively small action by an observant bystander can make a real difference and send an unambiguous message that sexual harassment is never OK.

CEO of Respect Victoria, Tracey Gaudry, said in a statement: “Changing the norms and structures that drive family violence and violence against women is a huge challenge – one that Victoria is heavily invested in and is now the privilege and responsibility of Respect Victoria to lead.”

Previous instalments of the campaign have addressed domestic violence and sexism in bars and cafes.