The secret to a winning product launch

A successful product launch delivers significant sales momentum for a brand. The components your organisation chooses for the launch, for example an event, social media promotion or a product drop, need to align with the offer and target audience.

Product drops can help ensure your newest product is seen by your target audiences. Targeted distribution of samples offers an interactive opportunity to stand out from competitors and can put your brand top-of-mind for future purchase.
Follow these steps to ensure your next product drop gets results:

  1. Decide what success looks like: Once you know this, you can work everything around it, starting with the development of a theme for the package; which key materials to include, a compelling pitch and a thoroughly researched media or blogger list. A solid theme and pitch are crucial to product launch success; it needs to capture the attention of your audience and enable your message to stick.
  2. Have an accurate and relevant media and/or influencer list: Don’t waste your time sending a kit to a journalist that isn’t interested and who probably won’t even open it. Make sure you research the journalists or influencers’ previous articles or posts to confirm their relevance to the brand’s target market. Branded kits are more effective when targeted to a small group of the most appropriate contacts who will appreciate the package they receive.
  3. Consider what key ingredients to include in the package: The product information does not necessarily have to be presented as a media release. Consider including product sheets, biographies, fact sheets and/or event invitations.
  4. Products and/or relevant materials should be visually appealing and in line with your brand’s style guide colours: Often journalists and bloggers will post an image of the package on their social media channels, so it is important to reflect the brand in these posts. Be sure to include an interactive element that is original and promotes sharing (hashtags and Twitter handles are a must!).
  5. Forget about sending media releases to influencers: Influencers are looking for unique content relevant to their digital community. It is better to send them a product kit with information and allow them to create content from their own perspective.

If executed well, a product drop can have a positive impact with short-term effects including blogger and media coverage and the long-term effect of being top-of-mind amongst key influencers and target audiences.

For more information on how you can execute a successful product drop, please contact IMPACT Communications.

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