The Race That Stops The Cooperage

The 2023 annual wind-up toy race saw another outstanding performance from our unique and colourful competitors.  

For the past few years, IMPACT has said ‘Nup to the Cup’, choosing to opt out of the Melbourne Cup. 

While fashions on the field is encouraged among staff and our racers, no furry friends participate in our festivities. Instead, we host our own race, with a selection of wind-up toys.  

As per our tradition, we run a sweep to allocate a wind-up toy to each of our clients and friends of IMPACT, who are sent a profile of their competitor. From Carly, the very hungry caterpillar to Sarah Jurrasica Parker, the line up of racers varies in form, personality and eagerness to win.  

This year’s race was bigger and better, with new competitors on the track joining old favourites looking to make a comeback. 

If you missed The Race That Stops the Cooperage, you can watch it below!

Congratulations to our winners – prizes are on their way to each of you.  

Thank you all for being part of our annual wind-up race. We look forward to seeing all our clients, friends of IMPACT,  and toys at the track next year.  


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