The new era of webinars

IMPACT just secured an exclusive webinar opportunity for our client Russell Reynolds Associates with HR Daily, and you could do one too. Here’s how.

Prior to the pandemic, it’s fair to say that the shine had come off the humble webinar. As we settle into the new normal of hybrid work, however, webinars are proving to be the digital comeback kid.

In a digital-first world, webinars provide a fast, cost-effective way to connect with a highly engaged audience.

Location, time zones or attending in real-time are no longer a barrier as ‘on-demand’ content allows members or audiences to tune in at a time and place that works for them.

As a popular content-led asset among vertical trade publications, webinars that contain exclusive resources, tools or assets have the potential to perform extremely well.

By partnering your spokesperson with an engaging and credible host, you can create a compelling and effective webinar that will engage peers and potential customers to achieve serious cut-through.

Webinars have changed

IMPACT recently secured a webinar for Dr Ty Wiggins, an expert in leadership, transitions and executive onboarding at Russell Reynolds Associates (RRA) with HR Daily.

We worked closely with the publication’s editor to establish a clear narrative, focusing on the critical considerations for organisations when hiring executives in an incredibly tight talent market.

With a discussion framework in place, the 45 minute webinar took the form of an informal chat, similar to a filmed podcast.

The HR Daily webinar was disseminated to human resources professionals interested in industry news, thought leadership, and opinions on the issues and challenges they face.

As an on-demand piece of content, members can watch the webinar when it suits them, not just when it is on live.

The four essentials to securing your own webinar slot:

Securing a webinar isn’t just potluck! There are a few essentials you’ll need, including:

  • A showreel of your spokesperson demonstrating confidence and credibility
  • Engaging content specific to the site’s audience
  • Exclusive research, assets or data
  • A considered and creative approach to your presentation, i.e. slides, Q&A, etc.

If you’re interested in securing a webinar opportunity for your organisation, talk to the IMPACT team today!

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