Targeted influencer campaign connects teachers with new digital resource

Developed by Nestlé and the Australian Institute of Sport, The Good Village digital education platform offers interactive activities focused on nutrition, physical activity, relationships, culture, and sustainability, in line with the Australian HPE curriculum.

To launch this new resource for schools and to announce a competition initiative, IMPACT developed a targeted influencer campaign with micro and nano education influencers. Many teachers and parents look to these influencers for advice, resources and relatable content. 

To date, IMPACT has collaborated with 15 unique education influencers to share their experience of The Good Village. Video, images and written content bring to life all that the platform has to offer teachers in the classroom.   

Over 50 pieces of Good Village content have been created through IMPACT’s influencer campaign reaching an audience of over 680,000. The campaign saw 133 unique submissions to the competition from students across Australia!

Campaign results

  • Over 50 influencer clips secured (425% KPI) 
  • Reach of 680,000+ (343% KPI)
  • 133 unique submissions to the competition from students across Australia
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