The IMPACT Agency is embedding sustainability into every aspect of our business. Our sustainability framework sets out our goals to put people first, help preserve our planet and drive ethical growth.

IMPACT’s Sustainability Framework 2023-26

3 x Sustainability Goals

  • Put People First
  • Champion Planet Preservation
  • Strive for Ethical Growth


3 x Business Focus Areas

  • We Care about people, planet and performance
  • We Empower Voices for good
  • We make positive Future Impacts


9 x Sustainability Aims

  • Nurture good health and wellbeing
  • Be a responsible carbon citizen
  • Accelerate good growth
  • Improve diversity
  • Act on biodiversity
  • Support marginalised communities
  • Foster education and inclusion
  • Partner for climate action
  • Embed eco-conscious supply chains

74 x Targets Over Three Years

  • 45 in Year One
  • 10 in Year Two
  • 19 in Year Three

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