State your case: The importance of third party endorsements

Case studies are third party endorsements that build credibility for your business and showcase products and services in action. They solidify the relationship between a company and its clients, or a brand and the consumer, showcasing success stories, while also working as collateral for the sales and marketing team. Case studies can highlight a culture of best practice within an organisation by showcasing innovation, team work and the impressive results achieved.

Case studies also provide great content for media. According to Brad Howarth, freelance reporter and author or A Faster Future, ‘In order to be part of the news, companies need to focus on getting third parties talking about them and using client case studies and testimonials. This is because in this industry, stories are best told by third parties.’

In order to put together a case study, IMPACT recommends interviewing the client or customer and asking these important questions:

  1. Describe theproblem you had and what led you to the decision to find a solution.
  2. What researchdid you undertake to find the solution? Why did you reject other solutions?
  3. Describe the solutionadopted? Why and does it work for you?
  4. What were the resultsand benefits? How much money and time did it save you?

Once you’ve spent the time and resources on producing a case study, consider:

  1. Sharing on social media: This will showcase your expertise to followers; and potentially gain some new ones. Trial different sharing formats on your channels to see which offers the highest engagement and click through.
  2. Distributing to media: Relevant industry media may agree to publish your case studies, especially if your strategy was innovative and/or the results are impressive. Be sure to stick to a targeted approach
  3. Publishing on your website:This one is crucial. All owned content should be shared on your organisations’ website, especially when it showcases your successes! Once you’ve got enough case studies, IMPACT suggests creating a page dedicated them.

Case studies are the perfect way to promote your business, build credibility and cement your position as an industry leader while increasing the rich content on your site.

Remember to keep it succinct! Case studies should generally be between 500 and 1,000 words.

IMPACT was engaged by TIBCO to produce case studies. This resulted in multiple feature articles across top-tier media and the company securing several contracts.

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