Special offer: Create corporate video content in a day!

IMPACT Communications is excited to announce a special video offer with VnR Creative to increase audience engagement with your collection of corporate videos.

The offer includes a day’s video production of five to eight interviews with your star people. There are endless lists of people who can tell your story. From senior executives, lab experts, production plant managers, technicians, sales staff, customers or partners. You may like to capture a PR or HR initiative including corporate awards, mentor programs, traineeships, innovations, case studies and more.

The format is a five minute intimate interview which includes logo, title graphics and standard text graphics which can serve as standard templates for video content.

The day’s shoot will be held in VnR’s state of the art video production studio in Surry Hills.

This corporate video package starts at $12,520 (ex GST) for five videos and is only on offer for a limited time. For more information about this special offer please contact IMPACT Communications.

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