Song secrets revealed and beer campaign fails

As the year comes to a close, IMPACTers have had plenty to talk about.

The start of December brought with it the arrival of Spotify Wrapped, the only time of the year when we’re happy to learn just how much data our streaming platforms collect from us. From calming classical to TikTok remixes, country to Harry Styles, Spotify revealed the ear worms and guilty pleasures our team listened to this year – excluding the last two weeks of non-stop Christmas tunes.

At this time of year, booze-related campaigns are everywhere you look – some more well-received than others. In partnership with BINGE, Hop Nation dropped a dog-friendly beer brewed with 100 per cemt bone broth, so you can enjoy a cold one with your four-legged friend! Meanwhile, Scottish brewer, BrewDog was slammed by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority for marketing their fruity flavours as ‘one of your five-a-day’, a nod to the government’s fruit and vegetable portion advice.

We were chilled by the shooting in Queensland that left two police officers and a member of the public dead, an event which has caused officials to call for the standardising for gun laws nationwide. We expect more information to come to light on why this tragedy occurred in the coming weeks.

In political news, Sydney’s Inner West council announced they will be supplying council-run public toilets with free menstrual products. According to the council, “these products are not luxury items. They are everyday necessities which ought to be free to our community” − we couldn’t agree more!

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