Societal challenges, digital discourse, and culinary competitions

Written by Iris Guo

Report highlights top Australian concerns 

Broadsheet and SOON Future Studies’ third annual edition of the Future Cities research report shows cost of living, climate crisis, and the need to disconnect from technology as the top concerns among Australians.  

The survey aims to identify emerging attitudes and opportunities to connect with businesses, communities, and consumers of the future. The report says the most successful brands will be the ones that embrace age, foster community, and facilitate connections. 

Calls to stop ‘AI theft’  

The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) has urged the government to introduce new laws to regulate the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent theft of original work. The new legislation will require the disclosure of any data used to train AI and for creators to be compensated accordingly. 

Currently, the work of Australian creatives and journalists is being used to train AI, without their knowledge, consent, or compensation. Leaving the issue unchecked would threaten the credibility and authenticity of artistic and media content, undermining public trust and jobs. 

Non-skippable ads on Instagram 

Meta is testing a new type of non-skippable ‘ad break’ in the Instagram feed. Users will not be able to scroll past their feed until the ‘ad break’ finishes.  

At this stage, these are only a few seconds long, but is subject to change if Meta decides to make the new format official.  

While non-skippable ads are common on other platforms, such as YouTube, this is a more aggressive format for Instagram as video ads as part of Reels and Stories can be skipped.  

Nestlé Golden Chef’s Hat heats kicks off in Grafton 

The Nestlé Golden Chef’s Hat Award competition has begun with the first of 13 regional heats held in Grafton, New South Wales.  

Up and coming young chefs, aged 16-24 have two and a half hours to prepare and present a main course and a dessert to a panel of judges.  

The winners from the heats from across Australia and New Zealand will go head-to-head at the grand final in front of a live audience in September and receive a culinary experience valued at $10,000.  

Nestlé is an IMPACT client.   


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