Social media essentials for 2021

The social media giants have embraced the ‘new year, new you’ philosophy, with many deciding that 2021 is the perfect time for a shakeup. 

So, what are they up to? 

We have compiled some of the biggest changes to take note of for your business as you navigate 2021 on social media. 


  • Facebook is getting rid of  likes on pages. Pages will focus on followers to prioritise content in your newsfeed 
  • Pages will also get their own newsfeed, so they can be a part of conversations and engagement, rather than being on the sidelines 
  • Facebook has also improved security, page management features and will continue to expand the visibility of verified badges, prioritising comments from pages with the badge 


  • While stories are important, the Instagram algorithm is biased and will always focus on its latest features, and for the time being that’s reels! 


  • Security and privacy are the biggest change from TikTok, with 13-15 years old users set up with default private settings when they create an account 
  • Parents can now also set guidelines on how their teens use the platform with Family Paring. 
  • Videos can only be downloaded from accounts of users over 16 years old  
  • There are also a full range of restrictions on other features, including allowing users in the 13-15 year old age bracket the ability to choose who can comment on their videos. ‘friends only’ or ‘no one’. 

If you want to make the most from these changes and stay on top of your business’ social media needs, get in touch, and see how the IMPACT team can take your campaign to the next level! 

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