Report: The real state of real estate on Facebook

IMPACT’s latest research observes real estate brands on Facebook and offers a best practice model for effective social media engagement.

The low interest rates and high sale values of Australia’s recent property boom have kept Real Estate brands busy. However, recent research by IMPACT Communications and Social Status shows they have taken the eye off the ball when it comes to managing their Facebook pages.

Facebook users today are more powerful than ever, with the social platform offering a microphone and a choice about when, how and even if, they engage with brands.

Effective social media engagement across channels is crucial to overcoming today’s lack of brand loyalty and developing an army of advocates. Realtors must successfully use the online space to build reputation and consumer trust in order to really stand out from competitors, particularly with the softening market.

IMPACT Communications and Social Status analysed more than 53,000 posts across 560 Australian Real Estate Facebook pages.

Digital has shifted the dynamic between businesses and online consumers, and requires a fresh approach from all industries, including Real Estate. Businesses must now offer a mutually beneficial, two-way conversation that is both valuable and meaningful to Facebook users.

Social media engagement is a core metric in measuring a business’s success today. It is imperative that Real Estate businesses listen and gauge their role in consumer’s digital lives, then tailor and personalise content to demonstrate an understanding of best practice engagement.

For a full copy of ‘The Real State of Real Estate on Facebook’ report, or to discuss your social media strategy, contact IMPACT Communications.

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