Record number of apprentices apply for Rheem Plumber Grants

Record number of apprentices apply for Rheem Plumber Grants

75% increase in applicants year-on-year  


Earned media: Online/broadcast/ print 60 + clips 

2020 was the eighth year for the Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants and IMPACT’s first year supporting the brand to manage and promote this essential industry initiative.

IMPACT’s first step was to modernise the paper-based application process; making it easier for apprentice plumbers across the country to apply online. 

To get the word out about the grants, IMPACT engaged with over 60 education and training facilities, liaised with key media trade titles connected to Australia’s plumbing community and targeted apprentices on social media via their behaviours and interests, all to ensure industry newcomers were aware of this career-bolstering opportunity.

Coverage to announce the grant recipients highlighted the challenges many apprentices were facing as a result of  COVID-19; further reinforcing Rheem’s commitment to the plumbing industry.

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