PRIA rebrands to CPRA – what does this mean for the communication sector?

Written by Iris Guo

The Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) announced it has rebranded to Communication and Public Relations Australia. (CPRA). Effective as of 1 February 2024, the new look and name come as the peak body celebrates 75 years in operation.  

IMPACT has been a member of CPRA for more than 20 years.  

The peak body represents and provides professional support and recognition to agency and in-house practitioners and consultants across the Australian communications and public relations industry through education, networking, and commitment to ethical practices.  

Following industry consultation, the rebrand marks a significant milestone in the organisation’s history and reflects the evolving needs of the profession, embracing communication and public relations professionals.  

CPRA president, Shane Allison, said, “The change to CPRA signifies a huge step forward for our association, demonstrating our commitment to the future and respect for the past. Nothing will mark turning 75 better than celebrating our heritage and positioning our association for the next 75 years of growth.”  

IMPACT CEO, Nicole Webb, is a fellow of CPRA and shared her thoughts on the change. 

“The industry has evolved and changed over its 75-year history. The association has been invaluable to IMPACT, providing great support through networking events, seminars, and training for our employees,” Nicole said.  

CPRA will continue to build on the extensive work of the PRIA in delivering industry-leading training, networking, providing recognition for their achievements through its coveted Golden Target Awards, and influencing the future of the sector. 

Last October, IMPACT won gold in the Corporate Reputation and Management category at these industry awards for its work launching Nestlé’s Reforestation Program in Australia. 

CPRA will hold several local networking nights throughout February as it celebrates its double milestone through ‘CPRA Month’. 

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for the industry

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