One piece of timely coverage can have maximum impact

Superannuation was high on the agenda of the 2021/22 federal budget, but it became clear that underlying issues impacting vulnerable Australians’ super were no closer to being solved.

Super-Rewards and its CEO and Founder, Pascale Helyar-Moray, set out to put these issues and possible solutions to the Ministers in charge. She needed a high-reach, high-profile piece of media coverage to ignite industry conversations and open doors in Canberra.

IMPACT created a targeted media pitch to illustrate the issues at hand, and demonstrate how the government and super funds can leverage platforms like Super-Rewards to boost contributions, member retention and super literacy. A simple solution to fill the gaps that leave many Australians without adequate investment in their future.

The result was a feature that outlined the bleak financial future of Australian women; serving as a strong conversation starter with superannuation influencers and policy makers to drive change. The piece also generated hundreds of new sign-ups to the platform.


  • Over 750 sign ups to the platform from one article
  • Reach of over 10.8 million Australians
  • Opened doors and conversations with key politicians and decision makers
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