Not Now, Not Ever

From personal branding moves, to environmental protests, to the BOM’s prediction of a really wet Summer, this week has given IMPACTer’s plenty to chat about.

Ten years on from Julia Gillard’s famous speech, the former PM has announced the publication of her new book, Not Now, Not Ever. The book discusses the on-going prevalence of misogyny in modern Australia, and how we can break down the gendered world Australian women are still subjected to.

The patriarchal bias that Gillard faced during her prime ministry caused the team to draw comparisons with Amber Heard’s recent trial by media. When will we stop allowing the weaponisation of the media to villanise women?

We’ve been watching TikTok superstar Charli D’Amelio’s recent brand partnership with Prada. Is this just the first step away from the world of content creation to genuine celebrity? Will Prada manage to ensnare D’Amelio’s audience?

We also pondered the effectiveness of the latest Extinction Rebellion Picasso protest, how Kanye could possibly comeback from his disastrous T-shirt statements and whether Kim K’s new crime podcast is worth the listen (so far, we reckon it is).

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