#nopanicperiod puts a pause on pandemic hoarding

#nopanicperiod puts a pause on pandemic hoarding


Modibodi influencer network reaches an audience of  820K+ (164% KPI). Earned media reaches an audience of 7.5+ million (375% KPI)

Discount code generates direct sales over $54,000 AUD (270% KPI)

Awarded 2020 ECCO ‘Campaign of the Year’ + Bronze at the Golden Target Awards

As COVID-19 hit, panic regarding access to hygiene products quickly ignited.

IMPACT and Modibodi saw an opportunity to encourage community positivity and ignite discussions around how to access affordable, sustainable hygiene products.

Just 7 days into the pandemic crisis, IMPACT developed a #NOPANICPERIOD strategy to mobilise the Modibodi tribe, position Modibodi as an essential service and connect with vulnerable Australians:

  • Mobilising the brand’s highly-engaged network, ambassadors and influencers called for an end to hoarding and panic buying of single-use sanitary items, asked followers to consider more sustainable options like Modibodi, offering a discount code to provide additional support to all women during a trying time
  • Government and top tier media relations were critical in positioning Modibodi as an essential service among key Government ministers
  • Modibodi donated 1,000+ leakproof undies to 12 vulnerable communities groups to ensure women in need did not experience period poverty
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