New podcast episode: The evolution of the Modibodi e-commerce business

Modibodi Global Chief Marketing Officer, Liana Lorenzato, has worked with the company for almost eight years. Overseeing brand, marketing, commercial and communication strategies, as well as customer experience, she says she has been privileged to see Modibodi evolve from an Australian grassroots start-up to a global business. 

When she joined the business in 2013, the taboo topic of periods and incontinence was hardly covered in mainstream media.  

In this episode, IMPACT’s CEO, Nicole Webb, explores with Liana, perhaps one of the greatest online marketing challenges: how do you market a product that no one wants to talk about?  

Building a strong foundation of advocates  

Liana tells Nicole it was vital for Modibodi to build a community that aligns with the founder’s vision and business objectives.  

With the uncomfortable nature of periods, Modibodi found it difficult to find agencies that wanted to work with them, and to get media to resonate with messaging. No amount of social spending would cut through if they did not find a community that believed in their product and vision.  

“You build that tribe of partners who want to work with you and support you because they then have the energy; they have the passion to find the right staff, build the right team… and you get a team that will advocate for your brand. It’s not rocket science, but it’s so important,” says Liana. 

IMPACT has worked with Modibodi since 2019 and is proud to be part of this community.  

Driving change in the media  

Liana shares a pivotal moment for the brand and period underwear industry during its New Way to Period campaign.  

“A lot of research and investment went behind it. It really started the movement of period underwear and periods becoming more mainstream and acceptable, especially here in Australia and the UK,” she says.  

“It allowed us to challenge media platforms and create change… We got TV to allow period blood, Meta changed their policies to allow real period blood to be shown, (and it) was really rewarding to be able to drive that change.” 

Long-term brand building and the customer experience 

Liana explains that it can be difficult to balance performance marketing and brand building. Depending on your business, the spilt can vary. However, long-term brand building ensures longevity.  

“A customer will not buy a product if they don’t know about it or if they don’t resonate with you or don’t see you. You can’t have one without the other.” 

A digital native brand, Modibodi is heavily focused on the customer experience and is constantly evolving in this space. The website offers size guides, showcases products on different size and height models, and provides a product quiz to help determine which product best suits flow and style preferences.  

Liana highlights the importance of website engagement and collecting customer insights for e-commerce businesses. Email subscriptions not only help to capture data to determine brand directionality, but they can also provide customer insights.  

Converting in the ‘Cost of Living’ era 

In a time, when cost of living is top of mind, Liana shares how Modibodi has diversified, while continuing to position the product offering as a sustainable, long-term investment. 

To help ease pressures, the business has introduced a basics range with the price point more “in line with some grocery items” and available for purchase in Coles and Woolworths.  

Additionally, the business now offer value packs where groups, such as mothers and daughters or friends, can share in buying a bundle.  

As Modibodi continues to challenge societal norms, we look forward to seeing what the brand has in store for 2024!  
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