Mumbrella360 Part II: Why brands should consider the world of podcasting

According to this year’s Infinite Dial Australia report, Australian podcast listening has hit an all-time high, with roughly nine million people tuning in to at least one in the past month (43 per cent of Australians aged 12+).  

In fact, Australia has taken over the US, and now sits in the number one position for podcast listening in English-speaking countries.  

At the recent Mumbrella360 conference, Deadset Studios and Insightfully released new research about the podcasting habits of Australians aged 15+.  

We love a podcast at The IMPACT Agency, so our Group Account Director, Katie Eastment, and Chief Operations Officer, Victoria O’Neill, were onsite to capture the key insights brands need to know when considering entering the world of podcasting.  

Podcast listening is habitual 

For many, tuning into a podcast has become part of the daily routine. Almost one in two listeners (45 per cent) turn on a podcast at least once per week, and almost 40 per cent are listening daily. 

People choose podcasts because they can listen while doing something else, such as driving (44 per cent), exercising (41 per cent) or relaxing (51 per cent). Australians also turn to podcasts to be entertained, for relaxation and for growth.  

Tip for brands: Consider your audience and what they might be doing while listening. If they’re driving to work or dropping the kids at school, make sure you have detailed show notes with follow up information, and even socials and a landing page, for them to immerse themselves in your content later.  

Aussies want more content  

Last year, Australians downloaded a huge 755 million podcasts but are still hungry for more content.  

The majority of listeners (60 per cent) will try new podcasts at least once a month, demonstrating a strong appetite for fresh content. Almost one in three irregular listeners (27 per cent) say they can’t find content they are interested in; this spikes for Gen Z (33 per cent). 

The most popular genres in podcasting are crime, health and wellbeing, and comedy, and those listening to this content want more of it! There’s also demand for new content in science and environment, food and beverage, fashion and beauty, and storytelling and fiction categories. 

Tip for brands: From cost of living to health topics, personal growth and upskilling, there is a huge opportunity for brands to help solve issues as well as producing for entertainment and relaxation purposes. 

Listeners stay engaged to brand messages and take action  

Podcasting can be a very effective marketing tool when it comes to eliciting a call to action, with 61 per cent of listeners recalling hearing a branded podcast, and 80 per cent recalling a podcast ad or brand mention.  

Almost one in two regular listeners (44 per cent) have been nudged to search online for a topic, person, product or service. One in five (18 per cent) people have been converted to purchasing after listening to a podcast, and another 18 per cent have taken action for a cause or purpose.  

Tip for brands: As with any strategy, be clear on your objectives and who you want to reach. This will help in finding the topic and guests that will connect with your target audience.    

Whether you’re looking to create your own branded podcast as part of an integrated communications strategy or organise interviews for your spokespeople on existing podcasts, IMPACT can help. Contact to chat about your needs. 

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