Meet Michaela

Written by Marcela Balart

Michaela Campbell is The IMPACT Agency’s Sustainability and ESG Lead.  

Passionate about maximising brand capital and longevity, Michaela joined The IMPACT Collective, our trusted team of experts and consultants in 2023.  

As the Director of CIMBIO, Michaela believes that great brands are the ones who work symbiotically with their customers, partners, and wider stakeholders to shift market norms and deliver real social impact. 

“One of my core strengths is helping organisations build connections with like-minded brands through brand partnerships, matched-funding projects, endorsements and tenders,” says Michaela. 

“I am committed to ensuring these connections and initiatives make economic sense to my clients, whilst improving education, health and welfare outcomes,” she says. 

IMPACT’s Sustainability Framework 

Michaela has been instrumental in developing IMPACT’s Sustainability Framework and establishing the agency’s three core goals to put people first, help preserve our planet, and drive ethical growth. 

As part of this important work, we will be liaising with Michaela to achieve 74 sustainability targets over the next three years. 


Established in 2001, CIMBIO works with organisations to develop, revise or re-imagine their brand identity with the intent to build long-term brand equity. 

It identifies opportunities to build tangible brand assets organically through acquisitions and partnerships and discovers ways for organisations to work in existing or new market channels. 

CIMBIO also advises on market development, deployment and exit strategies for brands operating across different countries and regions.  

IMPACT will be partnering with CIMBIO on a number of new communications and consulting services. There will be more to come on this, so watch this space! 

To learn more about IMPACT’s Sustainability Framework or consulting services, please contact:   

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