Lockdown won’t stop young communications professionals from getting the true PR experience

IMPACT has been welcoming interns to explore the world of communications since the very beginning 22 years ago. While the pandemic has changed the way students experience the world of PR – we’re still committed to sharing great hands-on experiences with bright, ambitious students.  

IMPACT works diligently to ensure all interns feel supported and a part of the team, even if they aren’t physically in the office with us. Their learning contract provides them with opportunities to experience and contribute to work across the whole business including content, media, influencers, issues management, new business opportunities and stakeholder engagement.  

Our current intern, Ashley, is a few weeks in to her three month internship, working across a range of consumer and corporate clients in finance, recruitment, tech, FCMG and retail. We caught up with Ashley to chat about her experience at IMPACT so far.   

What are you studying and at which university?  

I am a second-year student studying a Bachelor of Media (PR and Advertising) at University of New South Wales. 

What made you decide that PR/Communications is the right path for you? 

I really appreciate the behind the scenes work that PR/Communication agencies put into their clients and filling that gap in client to consumer relationships. I have always taken a special interest in social media and the inner workings of building/maintaining public image, especially since we are at our height of public discourse. 

Why did you decide to do an internship?  

I decided to do an internship because I wanted to see PR through a different lens than the one university portrays. The practical side of PR was a very abstract and hypothetical idea that I hadn’t yet seen firsthand, especially thanks to COVID -19. Doing an internship was really me dipping my toes in the water and seeing if I saw a future in this career path.  

What type of media do you read and consume (podcasts/traditional news/social media)? 

I like to mainly consume my media through digital platforms, and I use social media as my main source of news intake, following verified news outlet accounts that regularly post news stories and updates throughout the day. I also like to listen to easy-going podcasts that let me forget about my own thoughts, such as pop culture, music and lifestyle podcasts.  

What drew you to The IMPACT Agency? 

I heard some amazing stories about IMPACT’s work and clients from my friend Zoe, who is an IMPACT Account Coordinator. I really admired the range of clients that IMPACT works with and the prioritisation of the digital world in creating successful PR.  

What’s been your favourite part of working at IMPACT so far?  

My favourite part of working at IMPACT so far is hands down the workplace comradery. I was quite nervous going into my first internship but as soon as I joined IMPACT, I felt so welcomed and listened to. IMPACT employees really do value each other and prioritise mental and physical health, particularly during this difficult time when we’re all working remotely.  

What do you want to do next? 

Following this internship, I would really like to keep interning at different PR companies to have a feel for the different possibilities that I have for my career. Aside from work, however, I would love to travel and get back on a plane to anywhere!  

What is your dream role in years to come?  

My dream role in years to come would hopefully to have started my own company where I work with clients in the world of PR. I have always dreamed of doing something entrepreneurial, so that would be the long-term end goal. 

Outside of university and your internship, what are you passionate about? 

Aside from uni, I am really passionate about the arts and doing small passion projects that keep me in touch with my creative side. Right before lockdown, I had started a pottery wheel throwing classes and I’m eager to get back into it once the pandemic ends. I love to cook and spend time eating out.  

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