Let’s make some noise, Australia

The IMPACT team chat line has been going off in the past couple of weeks from Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins’ National Press Club appearance to the tabling of the religious freedom bill and our ukulele playing, hair washing Prime Minister. It has not been a great lead up to an election for the incumbent.  Perhaps he has a fear of losing his power?

If you haven’t watched the joint address at the National Press Club, we highly recommend you do. 

We’ve been watching the Winter Olympics – probably more intently than most as we have an internal competition going on. One point for every gold medal your elected countries win, one point for every photo of you in said countries. Not sure if you saw the aerial skiing but we winced at every landing. Much was said about a 15 year old Russian ice skater.

We also watched the Superbowl – more for the ads than the game itself. A retro, bouncing QR code for a bitcoin company topped our list this year, very much in keeping with the nostalgic half-time entertainment.

We all wondered if time is up for Facebook and if we should start migrating our communities to other platforms (Meta’s stock market value slump by more than US$230bn)? And TikTok introduced a new marketing term – the infinite loop. Goodbye marketing funnel? Insta has added likes to stories and Twitter is piloting an autoblock option. Trolls beware!

A new report released by Hootsuite and We Are Social shows that over a million Australians have joined social media in the past 12 months. Nearly 84 percent of Australians are now active social media users (an increase of over four percent over 12 months – thanks COVID?). The most significant jump has happened to TikTok. The advertising audience has increased 37 percent, with nearly eight million Australians in the potential ad reach.

Looking forward to sharing what we are talking about at IMPACT in our next IMPACT Insights.

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