It’s not you, the nation has changed

If tried and trusted comms are falling flat and click throughs are tumbling you might be asking yourself – ‘what’s changed?’   

The answer is almost certainly your audience. The last two years has had a lasting impact on the outlook, mindset and priorities of Australians – so it’s time to get to know your new customers and stakeholders.       

A changed outlook 

Those who have been keeping up with the ABC’s ‘Australia Talks’ series will know that COVID-19 and global movements to tackle gender and race discrimination or climate change have changed the nation. 

More of us are likely to spend our own dollars to help prevent climate change (+10.6) and support is growing to change the date for Australia Day (+9.2). There is also a growing sense we’d be happier if we worked less (+8.4). 

Lockdown has changed us too, almost a third of Aussies (32 per cent) believe they are more tech-savvy than before, and we are more discerning too.  

There is a growing sense of distrust in ‘big tech’. Those who use Facebook on a regular basis declined from 42 per cent in 2019 to just 25 per cent in 2021. In fact, use across all major social media platforms has waned. 

Critically, for almost half of Australians (47 per cent), the pandemic has helped them to reassess their values and priorities in life. This sharpened sense of clarity is having a direct impact on the brands, businesses and services individuals choose to engage with.  

Reconnecting with your stakeholders 

It’s time to challenge what you think you know about your target audience and rebuild your understanding of the drivers and barriers that allow you to connect with them. 

Do you know: 

  • What they value most when choosing a brand or seeking a service?  
  • How would they define ‘good service’? 
  • Who influences their decision making? 
  • What digital channels and platforms do they use and when are they active? 
  • Where do they get their news from? 

IMPACT’s audience profiles help our clients to learn all of the above and more by getting to understand the mindset of an audience through rich data and behavioral science. 

Profiles are put to the test via direct field research with your audience to provide you with direct insights into what really drives their decision making. 

If you’re ready to reconnect with your audience, contact the IMPACT team here.    

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