Integrated campaign disrupts hearing health conversations

Integrated campaign disrupts hearing health conversations


Online/broadcast/print: 100+ clips and 26+ million reach

2X TV segments

22,000+ video views and 8,000+ clicks to the Connect Hearing website via social

IMPACT was engaged to support Connect Hearing’s brand refresh, positioning the organisation as a switched on, innovative organisation that empowers Australians of all ages with hearing loss to be bold, curious and connected. A phased, integrated communications campaign was required to disrupt perceptions around hearing loss.

IMPACT commissioned research to create the #ConnectAndBeHeard report to capture what it feels like to be heard (or not) in both a personal and professional context.

Earned media outreach balanced generational data while the personal stories of ambassadors, Osher Günsberg and Susie Elelman challenged stereotypes and sparked new conversations about hearing. The campaign was amplified and extended through owned channels, including blogs as well as organic and paid social posts. 

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