Industry update: Mumbrella360

In mid-July, IMPACT’s Group Account Director, Katie Eastment, and Chief Operations Officer, Victoria O’Neill, squeezed alongside 2,000 plus communications and marketing professionals to hear from the industry’s leading experts at Mumbrella360. 

While the line-up for Australia’s largest media and marketing conference boasted more than 100 speakers and 60 unique sessions, two clear themes recurred throughout the two-day event that should be on the agenda of every communications professional. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Empty actions and missed opportunities  

Poet, actress, TED speaker, and advisor for Fortune 100/500 companies on inclusive workplaces, Azure Antoinette delivered the powerful keynote presentation, challenging Australia’s media, marketing, and advertising industry to realise the power of allyship in diversity, equity and inclusion.   

As a 13-year survivor of multiple sclerosis and proud member of the LGBT community, Azure urged the audience to put away intersectional lip service – especially around days of interest celebrated on company socials – and concentrate instead on establishing true forms of allyship.  

In simple terms, her message is to focus on initiatives that deliver ongoing support and change, before telling anyone about it. Anything less could land your brand in hot water #DEIwashing.

Over in the content stream, we learned communications professionals are failing to connect with half of the Australian population! Research by The Research Agency shows 51.5 per cent of Australians were born overseas or have a parent who was, and we are missing out on huge commercial opportunities by not tailoring communications to reach audiences in this critical segment. 

This significant oversight was further reinforced in Sheba Nandkeolyar’s session ‘Why you should tear up your brief if it’s not inclusive’.  

Reflecting on Australia’s diversity, from language, culture and ethnicity to gender diversity, neuro diversity and more, she reminded the audience when there is representation and inclusivity, there is profit. 

Diversity was also the central theme of Crime Interrupted, a unique case study session that explored how the Australian Federal Police used entertainment to capture a new diverse audience as part of their recruitment strategy.  

Sustainability: The new metrics that should be considered for every campaign    

Sustainability is high on the agenda for most organisations, but few consider the impact of their marketing and communications initiatives when measuring their footprint.  

When you know that a single digital ad impression produces around one gram of CO² and consider the trillions of ad impressions generated each year, the issue becomes harder to ignore.  

From understanding the root cause of carbon emissions in the digital advertising supply chain to better understanding the role the communications team can play in achieving environmental goals – sustainability should be on the agenda at every client meeting and in every brief. 

Not only will it benefit the planet, it will strengthen your brand’s reputation and bottom line.

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