IMPACT’s Top Five

As we reach the end of another big year, the IMPACT team reflects on their favourite moments and what they can’t wait to work on.

1. What was your favourite moment of the year?

Nicole: Seeing the Australian Theatre for Young People’s new home finally open at Pier2/3 was a work highlight. Being on the board comes with some privilege – I witnessed ‘The Deb’ come to life on stage at The Rebel Theatre (talks are now underway for it to become a movie, thanks to the amazingly talented Rebel Wilson), and watched some incredible performances, writing and directing (MRock and Past the Shallows). It has been a really difficult year in the arts, and the team at ATYP are ending the year in the way they started – full steam ahead. I’m looking forward to what 2023 holds in store as the voice of young people continues to roar.

At home, it was stage appearances by my two talented daughters. One performed on stage at Seymour in a short production that had me in tears, and the other completed her HSC accelerated drama with a performance co-written with fellow students, a monologue and a written exam. Performing arts subjects deserve more respect than they get. So many hours!

Frances: Professionally, it was emerging from the lockdowns and restrictions of 2020 and 2021 to connect, and reconnect, with clients, colleagues and industry peers. My best personal moment was hitting the milestone birthday of 40 in February, surrounded by healthy, happy friends and family.

Victoria: Best ‘work moment’ of the year was collaborating with Kris White, our behavioural consultant on a research project to better understand what ‘safety’ means – the insights we gained were really powerful. From a personal perspective, the arrival of Jessica Fletcher (another Lagotto puppy) has filled my heart with happiness and my garden with many holes – it’s a good thing she’s VERY cute.

Lucia:  Lifting the phone to journalists to discuss President Obama coming to Australia and hearing/feeling their excitement was my favourite work moment. Personally, it was booking my mum’s flights to Sydney it’s the first time I’m going to see her in almost four years and can’t wait to spend three amazing weeks with her.

Katie: Personally, welcoming baby Henry into the world. Can’t beat it. Workwise, returning from parental leave to see how much the IMPACT team had all grown, pushed themselves and thrived.

Trish: My favourite moment at work was Beyond Blue’s Big Blue Table lunch at our office, sharing our most intimate fears, hopes and insecurities over a delicious meal. Personally, it was having the freedom to travel and reconnect with people in person, and finally having some normality post-Covid. Bringing in the New Year on Magnetic Island with 25 of my closest friends was a particular highlight for me.

Harsha: Professionally, starting at IMPACT and a number of ‘firsts’: first piece of coverage, first pitch drafted by myself, and first big media launch. Personally, completing my Master’s degree – it was definitely a challenge and I am glad to have finished it!

2. What is the more interesting insight you’ve learned?

Nicole: While we are hearing a lot about data breaches in the media here, our Dutch partners say they are a common occurrence in Europe now, and don’t tend to make the headlines anymore. I wonder if we will get to that point here, too? I bet Optus wished it was 2025 not 2022!

Haylee: Understanding the complexity around sustainability targets and reporting – and why so many organisatons are finding themselves in hot water.

Victoria: In an increasingly personalised work environment, it’s been interesting to learn about fairness in the workplace and how this can boost employee performance and retention.

Emily: One in two teens stop sport altogether due to the embarrassment, pain or fear of leaks during their period. It was particularly interesting to reflect on my own experience with sports as a teenager, and the lack of period education we received – not to mention the stigmas that surrounding being on your period!

Trish: I learned a lot about how to cost-effectively heat your home, while simultaneously improving air quality at home. According to research we conducted on behalf of client Daikin, 31 per cent of Australians have experienced allergy symptoms caused by poor air quality at home, such as mould and allergens in the air. I also learned that opening just one window at home can do more harm than good – cross-ventilation is key!

3. If you could sum up 2022 in a song, what would it be?

Harsha: “Season 2 Episode 3” by Glass Animals. It’s been a big year, though a little surreal – it feels like we are a part of a TV series, reeling from the end-of-season surprise.

Nicole: Ha! I really like “Afraid to Feel” by LF System, as the ‘can’t stop’ has been a bit of a theme this year…just keep going, push through, stay focused. But reading the lyrics just now, it’s not really the right song, is it? I do quite like the idea of this song playing as I enter a room, though. 😊

Frances: “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac. Vale Christine McVie

Lucia: “Don’t Stop Believin”’ by Journey

Katie: “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder – obviously specific to my own 2022. And swap out ‘she’ for ‘he’.

4. What you’re most looking forward to working on in 2023?

Nicole: Our sustainability model. Australian companies are falling behind in transparent ESG reporting, making them vulnerable to misleading claims. Looking forward to supporting our clients in this space!

Haylee: Solahart – there are so many exciting stories to share about the future of renewables. Working with Solahart has reminded me that halting climate change really is achievable.

Victoria: Projects with more data and rich insights.

Ebony: New exciting Modibodi launches! Top secret, stay tuned.

Lucia: I’m looking forward to working on enhancing our PR programs, finding new ways to drive earned media even harder.

Katie: On a personal note, Obama’s events. But I’m looking forward to working with great people. It’s my colleagues and smart comms clients that get me out of bed in the morning.

5. Choose three words that sum up your mindset for 2023?

Harsha: Fresh, Challenging & Achieving

Nicole: People, Empathy & Growth

Haylee: Creativity, Balance & Power

Frances: New, Adventure & Connection

Victoria: Curious, Excited & Cautious (I’m a Capricorn)

Ebony: Motivated, Positive & Curious

Emily: Growth, Outgoing & Adventurous

Lucia: Growth, Resilience & Strength

Katie: Purposeful, Happy & Flexible

Trish: Open, Excited & ‘Ready-to-party’

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