IMPACT’s top five tips to engaging tweets

Twitter boasts 310 million active monthly users worldwide. With people of all professions, ages and backgrounds using Twitter, it’s an easy way to reach out to a large, diverse audience.

From communicating directly with customers, to seeing what people are saying about your brand, to building relationships with key influencers, Twitter offers organisations the opportunity to elevate their engagement.

However, many organisations haven’t mastered Twitter. Here are IMPACT’s five tips to help make the most of your 280 characters to produce engaging tweets:

  1. Call to action: If you want to engage with your audience, think about what you want your tweet to do. Do you want your followers to open a link, retweet you, or reply to you? Having a call to action in your tweet keeps it focused, offers direction to your followers, and drives real engagement.
  2. Talk with followers, not at them: To be engaging, you need to be engaged. Avoid becoming a ‘broadcaster’ by keeping it conversational; make sure your tone is friendly, reply to mentions, address feedback (both positive and negative) and avoid business jargon where possible.
  3. Share the right information: Many followers use Twitter to acquire new information. Organisations should aim to provide context around tweets, avoid retweeting ‘old’ news and make sure content is relevant. This will demonstrate how ‘in-the-know’ you are and position you as a trusted authority.
  4. Balance fun and work: You might be a brand, but your followers aren’t. Some of the best run social media accounts strike the right balance by bringing a human element to their profiles; injecting humour, images, and personality (where appropriate) into tweets.
  5. Connect with influencers:These influencers are typically well connected to, and respected, by your target audience. Interact with them; retweet, reply and favourite some of their content and ask them questions to keep an open dialogue. This will remind your audience you’re well connected, while creating an opportunity for the influencers to interact with you.
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