IMPACT’s adopted Koala ‘Dimples’ goes wild

Dimples was just nine months old when her mother was tragically struck by a car.  Thankfully, she was uninjured in the accident but being so young required around the clock care.   

Luckily for Dimples the terrific team at the Friends of the Koala rescue program in Lismore, New South Wales, were there to help.  

Friends of the Koala is committed to the conservation, rescue, and rehabilitation of these beloved marsupials. To date, the organisation has rescued over 5,000 koalas and distributed over 150,000 koala food trees across the Northern Rivers.  

You’re not crazy if you think Dimples looks familiar. As a baby, she appeared in a photo with Aussie heartthrob Chris Hemsworth last year.   

Here is our sweet Dimples, looking snug in the actor’s arms. Who’s luckier – Dimples or Chris? We’re not sure!  

In preparation for Dimples’ release into the wild, she lived in an outdoor, fenced-off area where she practiced climbing, eating from real trees, and enduring the tests of the weather. Vet staff were also able to check in on her and her friends every few weeks.   

As Dimples is IMPACT’s koala baby, naturally she performed so well that Friends of the Koala vets gave her the green light and she was released into the wild, where she is now likely chomping leaves and snoozing in tree canopies.  

Dimples is now two years old… they grow up so fast, don’t they? 

We are so proud of our gorgeous girl and to be supporting such a wonderful organisation. If you would like to donate to Friends of the Koala, consider adopting a koala like we have. It’s as easy as selecting the koala you’d like to adopt and choosing an adoption package. 

We love you, Dimples! 

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