#IMPACTinsights experts panel: Humans first: Why you can’t afford to ignore Behavioural Economics

As human beings, we are surrounded by exponentially-increasing influences and choices every waking moment of our day. As marketing and communications professionals, it is vital that we understand the way in which human beings make brand decisions to create true moments of connection with our customers.

Join us at our #IMPACTinsights event as a panel of Behavioural Economics experts explore how an evidence-based approach is helping brands (and governments) in Australia.

#IMPACTinsights Event
Wednesday 15 November 2017

Behavioural Economics is not
hocus pocus – and we’re going to tell you why

Every year companies invest heavily in the thousands, even millions, of interactions they have with their customers.

But in a data-obsessed world, many organisations have forgotten that their customers are human beings; largely driven by ingrained, intuitive and subconscious behaviours.

These modes of thinking dominate the majority of our decision-making, and are strongly influenced by context, ‘anchors’ and shortcuts to navigate and simplify our thought processes.

The marketing industry has been attempting to change people’s behaviour for years. Join us at our invite-only event to explore how marketers can employ Behavioural Science to better understand, influence and change human behaviour. The IMPACT Agency Managing Director, Nicole Webb, will host an expert panel:


Dr Kim Louw, Senior Policy Officer Behavioural Insights Unit, NSW Department Of Premier And Cabinet

Kelly Godfrey, Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand at Ancestry.com

Jessica Ellerm, CEO of superannuation disruptor, Zuper

Kris White, Qualitative Researcher and Behavioural Economics Consultant












#IMPACTinsights Event

Humans first: Why you can’t afford to ignore Behavioural Economics

7.30am – 9.00am, Wednesday 15 November 2017
The IMPACT Agency, Level 2, 67-69 Murray Street, PYRMONT
Breakfast will be served.

Places are limited: RSVP by Wednesday 8th November to secure your ticket

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