#IMPACTinsights breakfast seminar: Converting passive audiences into true online communities to build digital reputation

Millions of organisations and brands have now invested in shaping their digital reputation across social media platforms. However, the increasing monetisation of these channels has shifted the goal posts; algorithm changes have stripped away organic reach and forced brands to pay to play.

While sponsorship and advertising offers an avenue to ‘buy’ an audience, creating and building an engaged community of loyal advocates requires more than ad spend.

So how should organisations look to build their digital reputation and brand loyalty online? How can they convert a passive audience into an active online community of followers?

The latest free #IMPACTinsights breakfast will see our panel of digital experts debate how brands and companies should approach building online communities, what’s next practice in this space and share strategies to help maximise budget and efforts.

You’ll hear from:

Please join us from 8am – 9am on Thursday 3rd December 2015 at the IMPACT Communications office in Pyrmont.

Places are limited so RSVP now to reserve your spot!

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