Your brand reaches customers and prospects across multiple channels via different touchpoints in a variety of scenarios.

But people don’t live in channels; they live in the real world. To identify the moments that matter, organisations and brands need to shift from ‘inside-out’ thinking, to an ‘outside-in’ mentality.

Leveraging deep human insights not only allows organisations to develop an acute understanding of who their customers are beyond basic demographics; it can also better inform how they do business to drive future growth.

Once brands understand how their target audience personas live and breathe in society, they are in a strong position to consider HOW, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY these personas can, or could, interact with their brand; this process is called Journey Mapping.

Is your brand’s communication consistent? What about insightful, empathetic, helpful? And ultimately – is it effective; leading to the outcomes you are looking for, whether that is lead generation, sales growth, increased engagement, referral rates or repeat business?

Journey Mapping creates empathy for personas by exploring the customer experience from their perspective; in their day-to-day life.

Rather than mapping around a channel, such as how visitors currently navigate a brand’s website or engage with their Facebook page, IMPACT’s approach is to start in the real world:

  • What are the considerations, goals, needs and intentions of your Personas?
  • How do these shape the phases of their customer experience?
  • How do they feel during each phase, at each touchpoint?

Journey Mapping explores the bigger picture of customer interaction with your brand, to identify inconsistencies, pain points, opportunities and potential solutions.

Empathetic exploration allows organisations to identify the moments that matter, to better inform how, what, where, when and why you communicate with your Personas.

Smart organisations understand that time is precious, and so is capturing and holding the attention of their target audiences.

Gaining clarity on customer journeys can unlock powerful insight to create positive, unified brand experiences that build emotional connection with customers; and ultimately drive loyalty, repeat business and advocacy to positively impact your bottom line.

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