How IMPACTers are keeping connected in lockdown

On Friday, 18 June the IMPACT team switched off the lights and closed the doors of our beloved office space in Pyrmont not knowing when we would be back.

While we have the technology to thrive in a fully remote setting, maintaining a true, creative connection with our peers has without doubt been our biggest challenge.

We miss the impromptu ideation sessions around the kettle, in-person meetings with colleagues and clients, and friendly smiles and laughs exchanged across desks.

Each day is different and brings with it new challenges. IMPACT has taken an adaptive approach to stay connected, energised and mentally sharp. From our team to yours, here are some of the tips, techniques and tools that are working for us

Hitting the pause button

On Monday 13 September, we closed our virtual doors and enjoyed a whole team staff Wellness Day. IMPACTers spent the day away from our laptops to recharge and reset, both physically and mentally.

Keeping the office vibe alive  

One of the major challenges for any team working remotely is staying connected. We’ve been deliberate about blocking time out each day to come ‘together’ in a way that is unrelated to work. 

We hustle IMPACT kicks each day off with our ‘hustle’ meeting. Team members share their ‘win’ from the day before, their goal for the day ahead, and one thing that they’re appreciative of. The answer to the latter is often ‘coffee’! 

A few weeks into this lockdown, it was agreed that ‘hustle’ would become a walking meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays to give the team a chance to start the day off with some sunshine and fresh air.

We inspire – On Tuesdays the team attends our ‘inspire’ meeting where we come together to discuss industry news and the latest trends in public relations and marketing. This meeting offers an hour each week to regroup, bounce ideas off of one another, and keep our minds sharp. Some of our best ideas for our clients are born out of this meeting each week. 

We play – What working week would be complete without a little fun? Twenty minutes on Thursday afternoons is reserved for team game time. To date, we’ve played bingo, done a few rounds of trivia, and played online Pictionary! 

These mental breaks provide an opportunity for great banter, unleash our creative potential and re-energise the team for the tasks ahead. At other times it really is just for fun – like the amazing at-home margarita cocktail making class we attended a few weeks ago! 

We listen and are flexible

Lockdowns, and the pandemic more broadly, have taught us to tune in to our wellbeing and to the wellbeing of those around us. Regular one-on-ones and group check-ins are key to identifying and responding to the varying challenges of working from home.

Flexibility is key to support team members to have the best and most productive day possible.

We haven’t got it all figured out. We’re adapting as required and taking each day as it comes.

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