Pets play a huge role in our lives and many people dream of being able to have their pet by their side all day – at IMPACT it’s our reality. It’s National Pet Day today and I thought it would be appropriate to pay homage to the two pups we have in our office.

At IMPACT we have two sister Lagottos, Watson and Truffle, who are in the office each day and are part of the team. They come to team meetings, consistently say yes to snacks, monitor the office comings and goings and always happy to walk to the post office with you.

There are many benefits to having a pet-friendly workplace and there is research to support it. Research conducted by Purina found that when pets are in the office 48 per cent find work to be a friendlier place. Not only do people enjoy work more but almost a third believe they are more productive as well.

Here are some of the benefits we see at IMPACT:

  • Peak productivity – As surprising as it sounds, taking short breaks from your desk to take the dogs for a walk or throw a ball can actually be very beneficial to productivity. Research shows that taking short, regular breaks allows you to give your mind a break and return to work refreshed and engaged.
  • Team time – Our office pups are cuddly and fun to play with, but they are also a very powerful bonding tool. In a busy, fast-paced environment it can be easy to keep to yourself, having dogs in the office is a great way to interact with others and inadvertently spend time together.
  • Stress less– Having dogs in the office helps to ease work strain and reduce stress. They are playful, fun and create a comfortable, flexible environment. Watson and Truffle boost employee engagement, bring joy to the office and are just too cute not to love!

We love our daily dose of pet therapy at IMPACT.