Give `em lip: Five minutes with Leah Tindale

What makes a great podcast, why Australians are infatuated with them, and how you can elevate your business through the art of podcasting.

According to the Infinite Dial Australia 2022, Australia has officially overtaken the US as the biggest podcast-listening nation on the planet. Last month, 40 per cent of people listened to a podcast. The study also found Australian podcast fans are deeply engaged, listening to an average of seven episodes per week.  

So, what is all the fuss about podcasts? 

We sat down with Leah Tindale, Director of Lip Studios. Along with her co-founder, Josh Fernandes, Leah produces IMPACT’s own podcast, and partners with us to produce engaging and thought-provoking podcasts for our clients. 

What are your thoughts on the continual rise of podcasts?
This hasn’t surprised me, podcasts are an intimate media format and easily foster a sense of connection, allowing listeners to consume media and information differently. They allow you to feel part of a community – which is something so many of us craved throughout the lockdowns. The close, personal audio format allows you to really connect with the hosts, bringing them into your own personal space.

Have there been any recent trends that you’ve noticed?
I’ve definitely noticed a trend towards short form podcasts – like the five to ten minute daily news briefing shows. People are becoming more accustomed to consuming media in short, snappy and engaging bursts. Just look at how popular TikTok has become! 

What makes a good podcast?
For me, there are three key elements that will take your podcast to the next level. 

1. Know your audience: It’s important to have content with purpose, with a specific target audience in mind. Don’t try to speak to broad topics because you think it will appeal to more people – talk about what you know and what you’re passionate about.

Speaking authentically allows you to connect with your listeners and develop your community. These are the people who will end up paying Patreon subscriptions, or provide feedback when you need it. Even if it’s a really niche topic that might only appeal to a small audience, that particular group of listeners will be highly engaged. 

2. Personality plus: A great host needs their personality to shine through – bringing the best out of your guest and reaching your audience. You need to have good storytelling skills if you’re solo. If you’re working with a co-host, a good dynamic and chemistry between hosts is paramount.

I recommend speaking directly to your guest, even if it’s over webcam. Make the chat as personable and conversational as possible, and don’t just read from your notes. The more emotion the better! 

3. Foster a sense of community: Listeners want to hear themselves in your content; to learn something new, feel a sense of purpose and understand your ‘why’.  

What are your tips for recording at home?
You need to dampen outside noise as much as you can – there’s nothing worse than hearing that computer hum in the background! Don’t be scared to make your own recording studio, no matter how unconventional (a pillow fort or a cupboard can work!) to remove as much outside noise as possible. 

If you’re recording out of home, work or the studio – like in your car on the side of a road – feel free to bring people into the scene that you’re recording in. It’s fun to acknowledge where you are and the background noises that might arise. If you call it out and make it part of the soundscape, this will engage your listener. 

What are your podcasting dos and don’ts?
Do: Hydrate! Listeners can hear a dry mouth or throat. If possible, begin drinking water hours before you record, to allow enough time for your vocal cords to be fully hydrated.
Do not: Record with in-ear wired headphones that have a low-hanging external microphone. There’s nothing worse than hearing the rustling of the microphone against the podcaster’s shirt!   

Together with Leah, IMPACT can help you create compelling audio content for your brand. Get in touch with Nicole to learn about our podcast packages. 


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