Four tips to help make the most of your video content

At IMPACT we know that having great shareable online content reaps significant rewards for businesses. Creating branded video content [hyperlink to ‘Four secrets to video success’] can be an affordable and rewarding way to gain exposure.

The popularity and variety of video platforms, including YouTube and Instagram, gives organisations a chance to reach a large number of people, and leave a lasting impression.

So, what’s the winning formula for getting the most out of your video content?

  1. Use video to solve problems and provide new information:According to research from Google, 1 in 3 consumers will purchase a product after watching a how-to or tutorial video. These types of videos resonate with audiences because they provide immediate and practical solutions to a problem. This can be as simple as getting one of your subject matter experts to sit down for a short interview.
  1. Use interactive video elements to connect with viewers:For every video someone watches, there is an opportunity to call that person to action or guide them to the next logical step. Interactive video elements like in-video links, quizzes and surveys enable businesses to intercept audiences at key moments and drive action.
  1. Use YouTube to drive traffic back to your own site:YouTube is a great place to get your content discovered by new people. It’s an awareness channel that should be part of the marketing mix and is also a great way to drive audiences back to your website.

Create shorter video previews for your YouTube content that drive viewers back to your site’s own video resource library (hosted on your own website), where they can find an extended, but unique version of the content.

  1. Make videos easy to browse & link to individual video playback pages:Group together your video assets and create a user-friendly video resource library where your viewers can easily search your content. Set-up your video portal, or gallery, with categories and tags so it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for and navigate between videos seamlessly.

Avoid the endless stream of video players on a single page. If you’ve ever come across a wall of embedded YouTube videos on someone’s site, you’ll understand just how difficult it is to find what you want.

To get the most from your video remember that content which is only used once is content wasted. Businesses must always be on the hunt for additional ways to enhance and share their branded content. Whether it’s a webinar to 20 customers or a testimonial from a client, it’s important to think about how else you can use that content to elevate brand visibility and awareness.

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