Four steps to an unforgettable product launch event

A common misconception about PR is that it’s all about attending launch parties. Well, I’m not going to entirely quash that one… A lot of great PR is achieved through product launches and other events, because creating a memorable experience can set your brand apart from the rest.

However, it’s not quite as glamorous as it sounds. Public relations professionals are often the ones creeping around the fringes of an event; making sure the lighting tech has the spotlight on the CEO, or briefing the bartender to guarantee journalists receive the right cocktail.

Before anyone gets to the hors-d’oeuvres, there are a few key things your organisation needs to organise to get your brand noticed:

  1. Theme it, on strategy
    If you are going to the effort and expense of throwing a party for your product launch, why not get creative and theme it? Consider how your brand proposition or tagline could be represented via a theme. It’s critical to make sure your theme is in line with your brand, values, and your audience. The theme also has to work with the time of day and within your budget.
  1. Vet your guests
    Think back to the best parties you’ve been to. Do you remember the venue, the lights, and the floral arrangements – or do you remember how energised the people were? To make your mark through an event, make sure you’ve got the right mix of guests. You need outgoing, genuine brand ambassadors [hyperlink ‘How to identify the ideal ambassador for your campaign] – people who love your brand and want to tell the world – to pump up the crowd and help them feel like they are part of something special. If you want to raise awareness about your product, brand or service you also need to invite media and key influencers [hyperlink to The who’s who of digital: Ambassadors, advocates & influencers]. But don’t make it all about business; offer attendees the opportunity to bring a friend or colleague to your event – they will have more fun, be more at ease, and feel better about your brand as a result.
  1. Have a timeline
    Give your guests a timeline. Attendees will feel more in control of their time if you tell them what they’re in for and what time the event is due to wrap up. If you have a special guest speaker or performance, build the momentum and keep it toward the end of the event. Guests are more likely to take in all elements of the event if they know the agenda and when they can leave to get back to work/home/their next engagement.
  1. Take away
    To make your event truly memorable, you need to give your guests something to take away with them that represents your brand, product or service. Try to tie this into your theme wherever possible, and make it something your guests will actually want to keep or share with their friends/family.

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By Sophia Arthur

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