Four secrets to video success

We’ve all seen great viral YouTube videos, or had our heartstrings pulled by a sweet ad on television. While these videos can look expensive to make, and are often targeted at consumer audiences, a well-produced and placed video can create a positive buzz or drive action for any organisation.

Best of all, it doesn’t have to cost the earth!

An effective video gives brands the chance to put a face to the name, demonstrate expertise or gain credibility, gives people insight into a company’s culture and showcases what you are passionate about.

These four tips will help ensure your video gets clicks, and drives action:

  1. Define what success looks like 

The first step is to sit down with your team and decide on the goal of your video. Knowing what you want to achieve, and what the final product should look like will make the entire project easier for all involved.

A video brief will guide those involved in filming and should consider the following:

  • What message do you want to convey?
  • Who is your audience? And who is best to speak to them?
  • What will resonate with your audience?
  • Is your campaign unique? Or have your competitors done something similar?
  • How can you illustrate your messages visually? E.g. graphs, pictures etc.
  1. What is your call to action? 

You want your audience to watch your video, and be so captivated by it that they want to take action.

Decide whether your call to action is most appropriately included vocally, on-screen text or as an interactive button.

Consider these examples of calls to action to make it easy for target audiences to engage with your brand:

  • Direct to your company website
  • Link to social media channels
  • Encourage viewers to watch your other videos
  • Suggest viewers like/share the one they’re watching across their own social profiles
  1. Less is more

Your audience want bite-sized content that they can watch quickly to be entertained or informed – that means you have to keep your ideas succinct, and don’t try to squeeze too many themes into the one video.

The rule of thumb is to keep your video as short as possible. Even for a tutorial or ‘explanation’ video, the optimal length is 45-90 seconds.

  1. Know your talent

Think about your talent. Who is appearing in your video, and what is the desired outcome of their appearance?

Depending on your topic or tone, the right person might not be your CEO or technical expert.

To help you identify the right person for your video, ask yourself the following:

  • Who will your target audience relate to best?
  • What questions should you ask to get the correct, but natural sounding answers you need from your interviewee?
  • Is your talent explaining a difficult topic? How can you help them condense the information?
  • Is your talent nervous, or camera shy? What questions can you ask them that will help them deliver the best answers?
  • How do you want your talent to appear on video? Consider what interview style is best for the desired delivery style in the final video
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