Five steps to avoid a social media disaster

Social media issues often occur because the channels are uncontrolled environments where users can post, comment and share opinions freely with limited censoring.

For a brand or organisation, social media provides a platform for both positive commentary and genuine testimonials. But on the flip-side, it’s also a space for (mostly uncensored) negative commentary that can prove damaging to brand reputation and image, as people are just as quick to bag a product/service as they are to praise it.

According to a study by Symantec, social media mistakes cost major corporations an average of $4.3 million a year. This means that the management and monitoring of your online activity, in particular social media, is insuring your organisation in this space.

IMPACT recommends ensuring:

  1. Settings are in place to receive live notifications of user activity to optimise response time frames.
  2. Prescheduled content is set to go live at a time where responses can be monitored and where necessary, replied to with preapproved content.
  3. Preapproved content, including issues management response messages and generic responses, directing social media users to further resources.
  4. Those managing your social media channels are across the internal procedure of customer complaint handling, so if and when customer complaints are expressed on social media, they are dealt with in the correct manner to get a great solution for the customer.
  5. Policy and procedure messages are adhered to in a timely manner g. deleting user comments containing profanities.
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