Expert insights from TODAY Chief of Staff

IMPACT recently hosted TODAY’s Chief of Staff, Joshua Del Pozo, for a virtual workshop to gain insights into what the team are looking for when it comes to creating the most interesting and engaging stories for the prime-time breakfast show.

The impact of securing one of the most sought-after TV time slots

Australia’s Social Research Centre’s data shows television continues to be an important part of the media mix, with people consuming news and current affairs from commercial free-to-air television (56%), radio (56%), and online platforms (53%). For the right brand, product or thought leader, a TV segment has the potential to achieve critical cut through.

Whether your organisation is seeking to reach a more diverse audience, provide comment on a social issue, seek to educate a new audience or simply entertain, TV has evolved with viewers having more control over how, where and when they access this platform.

The formula of breakfast TV

Broadcast platforms are built on half-hour intervals, with news, sports and weather reports every half hour (think 5am, 5.30am, 6am and so on).

When getting ready for work, you may get up and turn on the TV while making your morning coffee. The half hour interval allows viewers to get bite-sized chunks of information before starting the day. If you’re a parent getting the kids ready for school, you may have the TV on in the background seeking some light content to keep the kids entertained whilst staying up to date with the latest news headlines.

Interestingly, the impact of COVID and working-from-home has seen demographics shift throughout the morning. The flow-on effect from a content point of view means there is a variety of topics and content covered between those news bulletins.

The peak audience time for the TODAY show sits within the window of 7.40am and 8.20am. However, that doesn’t mean if you have a segment outside of that time period that impressions will diminish.

Great content is needed across the show, with upcoming segments promoted with teasers to keep the interest of the audience alive.

Creating the perfect segment

There are a number of key standouts that the media are looking for when creating a segment for television. The first is the key takeaway for the audience, or what the audience is going to get from watching the show. Is the segment about educating a new group of individuals, spreading awareness, or simply making them laugh or raise their spirits.

The second is the “sell” or how the production team are going to promote the segment.

As a visual medium, TV requires engaging spokespeople, a human element to the story with a great case study, supporting graphics or footage, or the opportunity to cross live to a quirky or interesting place. All of these elements help to engage the audience with the show and make them want to stick around to watch more.

Using TV to your advantage

Due to the ever-evolving media landscape, TV segments are great opportunity for brands with something to say or share with the target market. However, earned media is just one element of any successful campaign.

Here’s an example of a recent segment the IMPACT team organised with TODAY for client, Daikin.

If your organisation needs support promoting a campaign, leveraging spokespeople or securing media opportunities, contact the IMPACT team at

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