Essential Holiday listening

Send your earbuds some love these holidays with IMPACT’s favourite podcasts.

Over the Easter break, many of us will be taking long drives to holiday destinations and to see family, or using the time off to get on top of some of the household to-do lists (I’m looking at you, pantry!).

While some enlightened beings may be able to focus solely on the task of driving, tidying or gardening, many of us need something playing in the background – and chances are, it’s a podcast.

Podcasts reached over 9 million Australians in 2022, up 54 per cent on the previous year, and 37 per cent of us are actively tuning in. In fact, last year Australia overtook the US as the biggest podcast-listening nation, with listeners consuming an average of seven episodes per week.

But finding a new podcast can be tricky; with so many podcasts available, on every subject imaginable, choice paralysis is a common phenomenon. Never fear – the IMPACT team has made it easy for you, by collating our favourite listens.

Whether you’re new to the format, or a voracious consumer, we’ve got something for your earbuds this Easter:

  1.   PR is Not a Verb

You know we couldn’t help but give our own podcast a plug. Featuring our CEO, Nicole Webb, and General Manager, Frances Dwyer – and some special guests – PR is Not a Verb shares valuable communication insights for both corporate and consumer businesses.

  1.   TEC Live

In The Executive Connection’s podcast, CEO Stephanie Christopher sits down with business leaders and inspiring guests covering relevant leadership topics that are top of mind for SME business leaders. If you’re passionate about growth, looking for fresh inspiration or just interested in hearing what other leaders are doing, then this podcast is for you. 

  1.   The Briefing

A fun and informative weekday podcast that drops at 6am each morning. The Briefing opens the show with a snapshot of the day’s headlines, followed by an in-depth interview or explainer of larger news issues that are worth knowing about. With the combined expertise of journalists Tom Tilley, Jan Fran, Katrina Blowers and Jamila Rizvi, it’s an easy and entertaining way to get your news fix of the day.

  1.   Mamamia Outloud

Hosted by media mogul Mia Freedman and best-selling authors Holly Wainwright and Jessie Stephens, Mamamia Outloud is a thrice-weekly podcast that’s smart, silly and insightful. No topic is off limits for the hosts, having informed discussions around all the issues women face, from politics, to pop culture, to the 37 dresses that Mia bought for her son’s wedding. It’s the fun sugar hit you didn’t know you needed.

  1.   2Bobs

Hosted by two legends of business consulting and coaching, Blair Enns and David C. Baker, 2Bobs discusses best practice, management and culture in creative agencies with authenticity and candour.

  1.  Seven Deadly Sins

Featuring the iconic Stephen Fry, Seven Deadly Sins is an in-depth exploration of what holds us back from happiness and fulfilment. Challenging the binary view of good and evil, Fry dissects each of the sins; considering their history, how they are played out in the modern world, and whether they’re really sinful at all.

  1.  The David McWilliams Podcast

No matter your level of economic expertise, this podcast discusses the key financial and political issues that affect us all in an easily accessible format. Educational and entertaining, Irish hosts David McWilliams and John Davis break down macro economics with plenty of banter.

  1.  The Imperfects

Essential listening for thinking-and-feeling folk, The Imperfects discuss some of life’s harder moments, covering topics such as mental health, loss, alcoholism and self-esteem. Created by Hugh van Cuylenburg, founder of The Resilience Project, and featuring a broad range of guests (many of whom are comedians), the tough subject matter is handled with a masterful mix of insight and levity.

  1.  The Dropout

A true crime podcast with only a drop of blood, The Dropout follows the rise and fall of healthcare start-up, Theranos’ founder Elizabeth Holmes. Theranos’ revolutionary technology promised accurate test results from only a pinprick of blood, transforming healthcare – until the fraud was uncovered. A fascinating look at the power of ambition and how the glamour of Silicon Valley can bewitch even the smartest people.

  1.  The Alarmist

Covering everything from the sinking of the Titanic to the break-up of Ross and Rachel, The Alarmist picks apart some of history’s greatest ‘tragedies’ to work out what went wrong – and who’s to blame. An hilarious, and surprisingly informative, podcast which pits itself as the cure for modern-day anxiety.

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