EOFY workshop savings!

Are you comms fit and ready for the new financial year? Align your messages, be media ready and tackle key commercial challenges with confidence.

Book your workshop before 30 June 2023 to receive a 10 per cent discount! 

Set your narrative for FY2024
Ensure your messages align with current brand objectives, audience needs and behaviours. 

In this workshop you will deep dive into the key challenges currently facing your business from a communications perspective, review audience drivers and barriers and re-align your messages with core objectives.

Receive a strategic narrative report with audience behavioural considerations as well as suggested content pillars and tactics to bring messages to life.  Bolster this workshop with IMPACT’s unique share of voice benchmark – who you think your competitors are and who Google thinks they are might surprise you.

Message and media training
Learn the techniques to skillfully guide conversations, incorporate key messages and respond to tough questions. In this tailored workshop participants will:

  • Explore how to add key messages to presentations and media interviews
  • Discover the techniques to take back control of an conversation or media interview
  • Understand the Australian media landscape and how journalists work
  • Establish techniques for engaging with the media, as a spokesperson
  • Put learnings into action with a working journalist (under NDA) 

Commercial challenges workshop
Uncover and explore market issues, challenges and opportunities in this unique comms-focused workshop.

IMPACT will deep dive into the competitive landscape alongside your business imperatives to set the focus, initiatives and actions required to make FY2024 matter.

Receive a post-workshop strategic framework that will help reinforce your reputation, strengthen relationships and bolster business outcomes.

Reach out here to book your workshop and claim your discount.

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