This month’s unanticipated announcement from Facebook sent shockwaves across the social media marketing world; with marketers everywhere asking, “Is this the end of brands dominating the News Feed? Is this beginning of the end for brands on Facebook?”

Well, no, not exactly – but it is (hopefully) the beginning of the end for bad content.

Zuckerberg cited Facebook’s originating purpose, to help people stay connected and bring us closer together to the people that matter to us, as the inspiration for the move. And no wonder, with users complaining personal moments were being drowned out, as the social media platform approached a fake-news-propagating, meme-tagging precipice.

So what’s the upshot? Quality content is the winner:

  • Personal content from friends, family and groups will be elevated to ensure the time spent on the platform is meaningful, with less time scrolling through viral videos.
  • For branded content, it must be authentic, personal, targeted and inclusive to make the cut in the News Feed.
  • Using ‘engagement-bait’ to boost commenting on posts will be demoted in the News Feed – this means you’ll see less of those ‘tag a friend and share the post to win’ posts.
  • Users will be allowed to rank news sources according to credibility and trust, to promote high-quality news and help combat fake news.

The IMPACT Agency sees an opportunity for smart brands to capitalise on these changes. Rather than mourning loss of views and numbers, rethink how you can make each of those metrics mean something more for your brand. After all, social media isn’t about eyeballs – it is about conversations, connection and community.

Here are our top four tips for brands navigating Facebook’s changes to their News Feed algorithm:

  1. Content is king

Creating clever and interesting content which encourages likes, comments and shares from your audience will keep your brand appearing in Facebook News Feeds of your audience and their network.

  1. Broaden your circle of influence

Influencers will not be affected by the algorithm changes. Partnering with influencers is a great way to reach your audience in their Feed. The same PR rules apply to influencer campaigns, content needs to be engaging, authentic and relevant.

  1. It’s time to go live

Going Live can be a fast, authentic way to foster a connection with your audience. Live video content gets six times as many interactions as regular videos because they encourage discussion among followers. Because of this higher engagement, the posts will receive organic reach in the networks of those commenting, liking and sharing your videos.

  1. Strategically boost

Paid posts will continue to appear in News Feeds and remain a cost-effective way to reach your audience. It’s essential that your strategy is informed by audience insights to ensure your investment will target the right people, with the right content, at the right time.

If you want to learn more about the algorithm changes, how a targeted Facebook or influencer campaign can enhance your brand’s reach and engagement, contact Katie Eastment on +61 2 9519 5411 or